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Since 2004 when FAB-Racing was formed it has been organising race events to give the opportunity to young riders to have an insight into and to experience motorcycle circuit racing at grass roots level.  This was initially in conjunction with the Minimoto Racing Association, the organiser of the Minimoto British Championships, but by 2009 the MMRA had handed the running of all the British Championship classes, Minimoto, MiniGP, etc over to FAB-Racing.

In 2004 Britain was severely lacking riders at high level in International motorcycle racing, in particular GP.  The arrival of the Metrakit MiniGP on the Junior racing scene in Spain in 2003, and following a visit to the official launch of that bike in Spain by Roger and Robert Keys, directors of BEK Wholesale, the UK importers of Metrakit scooter parts, provided the idea to form FAB-Racing with the aim of helping to change that situation.  It's probably worth noting that the Metrakit MiniGP demonstration rider at that Spanish TV launch was 8 year old Maverick Viñales, now a top MotoGP rider.

Since the beginning FAB has never been there to make money, and most of the time lost money but that wasn't the point, it was there to find riders, and that it has certainly done, by the hundreds in fact. Not all have made it to the very top of course but there are now riders in Grand Prix, World Superbike, CEV, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, British Talent Cup, BSB, and of course Club level to gain their National race licences, or to just race for fun.

With 5 stepping stone Junior race classes, starting with riders as young as 6 years of age, 3 Minimoto classes and 2 Junior MiniGP Classes there is a defined upward path. In addition there are 5 adult classes, including a MiniF1 Sidecar class!

The problem in the UK back in 2004, and remains even now, is the step from the MiniGP70 premier class in the FAB Racing Championship to a racing licence that will allow these talented riders to compete at National level.    The current situation leaves riders having to move to riding road based bikes before being able to compete on proper race bikes, in effect wasted time for those wishing to progress to the higher levels of racing.  A backward step to be able to move forward!    With very little adjustment to the ACU Licence rules and ages all this would be achievable.

However, the DORNA backed “British Talent Cup”, that was started in 2018, opened up great possibilities for the future of young British riders who at that moment found themselves in a “nowhere to go” situation.  The BTC continued on to 2019 as a DORNA backed project, but for 2020 (and on) and in conjunction with DORNA, this will be run by MSV, the organisers of BSB.  This class did enable a direct move to a full race bike at 12 years, but in 2022, the age was upped to 13 years, & this year, 2023, has risen again to 14 years where it is expected to remain.

This gave an ideal opportunity to introduce that missing link with a power restricted proper race bike on full circuits preparing for the move to the Moto3 Hondas used in BTC.   Did the the ACU seize that opportunity and adjust the rules accordingly?  Of course not, that would be far too sensible!!   The Metrakit MiniGP70 will have to  remain, as it has done for many years, the ideal feeder and final step to the BTC Moto3 Honda, unless you have the funding and time to go to Spain and compete in their feeder classes at 13, many don’t.

After over 60% of the selected riders for the 2018 BTC proved to be from FAB-Racing DORNA awarded the “Road to MotoGP” accolade to FAB-Racing, currently the only UK organisation to have been awarded that by merit , not just association.   Oh, and the grids for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 remained at the same dominant level with the top 3 Championship places taken every year by FAB-Racing “Graduate” riders.

If we can help you, or your son or daughter, start racing and aim to future stardom, or just race for fun (we have 5 Adult classes that even includes a MiniF1 Sidecar class) please contact us.

If you would like to spectate at our events you are always welcome, or should you want to become a sponsor to the series please contact as below.

Tel: +44 (0)1273 782828   Email: mail@fab-racing.co.uk

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