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Time to Round 3


You would love to have a go, but how?  If you are a Minimoto rider there is an “Academy” that can advise and train beginners, and even more advanced riders of all ages.  The contact details for this is at the bottom of the page.  Machines and protective clothing will be available to hire at the venue.

To be able to race with FAB-Racing you will need a race Minimoto, a Metrakit MiniGP50 or MiniGP70, or one of the adult class bikes to be able to practice or compete at any of the open circuit race events.  

There are practice sessions for all classes run on the Friday before the weekend race days and these can be an ideal opportunity to see that you are happy to compete on the Saturday and Sunday. FAB will also assess that they are happy with your ability to be safe to compete, both for yourself and other competitors. With Friday practice paid separately to the main weekend races you can decide to race or not after that if you are new to it all.   You don’t need a race licence to get started.

There are five Junior classes.

Three Minimoto and two Metrakit Junior Classes, MiniGP50 and MiniGP70, make a racing progression starting from as young as 6 years with the Academie starting from 5.

AC40 Rookies open to riders from 6 years.  Maximum age 13 years.

For riders that have attended the Academy (see below) it is possible to start at 5 years and 6 months.

AC40 Pro open to riders from 7 years.  Maximum age 13 years.

LC40 Elite open to riders from 7 years with previous experience. Maximum age 13 years.

Metrakit MiniGP50 open to riders from 8 years with good previous Minimoto or Motocross experience.   Otherwise 9 years and pre-assessment by FAB-Racing. Maximum age 15 years.

Metrakit MiniGP70 open to riders from 9yrs 6 months with good previous MK-MiniGP50 or Motocross experience.   Otherwise 10yrs 6 months and FAB-Racing pre-assessment.  Maximum age 15 years.

There are four Adult solo classes + MiniF1 Sidecars

Snr.Minimoto - MotoTeam - PB140 - Extreme200 - MiniF1 Sidecars

For more info and regulations on each class click on the class photo on the right of this page.

You may, probably will have, many questions so contact us via

Email: mail@fab-racing.co.uk - or call us  on 01273 782828 during office hours.

It's worth taking a tour round all the website buttons on the main pages.

We would look forward to seeing you at the FAB Racing Minibike British Championships in the future.

Here is the contact for the Academy mentioned above, and remember always pre-book:

M4 Minimoto Junior Racing Academy (M4 Karting Arena)

Tel: 01666 838600

3 Jnr. Minimoto Classes Rookies - PRO - Elite

2 Snr. Pitbike Classes PB140 & Extreme200

2 MiniGP Classes Metrakit MiniGP50 & MiniGP70

MotoTeam Standard & Open Classes

MiniF1 Sidecar

Have questions and need to Contact us? Email: mail@fab-racing.co.uk  Tel: +44 (0)1273 782828 GETTING STARTED