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Time to Round 3 Red Lodge Pro Kart Circuit

We strongly recommend competitors have their own transponders.   FAB-Racing’s

timing system will recognise any of the earlier AMB  transponders, any MyLapsX2

or MyLapsTR2 transponders that are “Kart” or “Car / Bike” - BUT NOT Motocross.

The X2 and TR2 transponders work on a “subscription / hire” system payable each

year, or at a lower rate pre-payable for 2 or 5 years.  The renewal subscription is

lower than the first payment cost.  MyLaps has just re-introduced a non subscription

transponder, the TR2 GO.  In the long term this could also be an option to consider.  

If you intend to ride 2 or more bikes in different classes and use 1 transponder you will need to purchase an additional holder or holders. We normally carry these to sell at the meetings. Even better of course is to have a transponder per bike.

Don’t forget, if you start a race or qualifying session without your transponder fitted you will NOT be given a result.

Below is the link to the KART Transponder (it says x2 in the link but includes TR2):


And below is the link to the higher speed CAR/BIKE transponder for those that intend to ride the longer tracks and bigger bikes in the future and be ready prepared (it says x2 in the link but includes TR2):


Once on that page click on the“Choose an option” box to select your transponder subscription time cost or the full purchase cost for the TR2 GO version.

USE THE CODE  - fabtr2 to gain a 10% discount.

It’s worth noting that the Metrakit MiniGP70 is quick enough on a full track (ie Brands Hatch / Donington) to possibly need the higher speed version depending on where the timing loop is set.  The MiniGP70 will make 100mph + in the right conditions.  

There will be SOME transponders available to hire at each meeting from Minimoto Racing (Ian) but, as mentioned before, it’s far better to have your own.   Hiring just 4 times will cost as much as a 1 year subscription.

Note:  The links above take you to a specific seller that offers FAB-Racing competitors the special discount but please order elsewhere if you prefer.